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Victor Riman is a professional mountaineer who was born on January twenty-third in the city of Huaraz- Peru, the birthplace of mountaineering in South America. He lived a large part of his life at the foot of the Cordillera Blanca and for him the mountains certainly didn’t go unnoticed, but it was not until the age of fourteen that the idea of ascending from the smallest peaks to the highest and most technical ones began to entice him. As an athlete, Víctor Rimac has taken mountaineering to another level through his many solo expeditions, and his commitment to continue forging his career motivated him to become a professional mountain guide, joining the AGMP (Peruvian Guide Association) and joining the elite of UIAGM, IFMGA (International Union of Mountain Guide Associations).


Since Victor began mountaineering, he was able to realize that it was mostly foreigners who would hike the routes each season in the mountains of the Cordillera Blanca, and very rarely his fellow Peruvians, so he decided to focus on opening new routes alone and at other times accompanied by those who felt the same passion for the mountains, thus beginning to forge a very personal mission to leave a legacy and continue motivating more Peruvians to achieve their dreams of climbing higher and higher. Mountaineering for Víctor represents more than a sport, it is a passion which is why the challenge called SUMMIT 8000 was born. This project’s mission is to climb the fourteen highest mountains in the world, which exceed the mythical height of eight thousand meters, and accomplishing this without supplemental oxygen and by their own physical efforts. This project seeks to position not only Victor as an athlete, but also an entire country, thus showing Peru as a land of mountains and mountaineers of a high physical and technical level.

Mountaineering for Víctor represents more than a sport, it is a passion which is why the challenge called SUMMIT 8000 was born. This project’s mission is to climb the fourteen highest mountains in the world, which exceed the mythical height of eight thousand meters, and accomplishing this without supplemental oxygen and by their own physical efforts. This project seeks to position not only Victor as an athlete, but also an entire country, thus showing Peru as a land of mountains and mountaineers of a high physical and technical level.

"It is more than a sport, it is a passion"


y con la satisfacción de la
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8167m / NEPAL

Is a very special mountain in my life because it was here where the project of climbing the fourteen highest mountains in the world began. After an avalanche on Mount Everest had taken the lives of around fifteen Sherpas (local Nepalese mountaineers), I had to give up and change plans, even if it was Mount Everest, my initial goal. I did this expedition after spending a few days in Kathmandu, making the decision to continue and find the expedition that could accompany me to the base camp, and then continue with this challenge alone and without supplemental oxygen. This ascent inspired me to continue on to the next mountains. It was here that I met, who is to this day, my friend Nismdai Purja, who is an important presence in Nepali mountaineering.



8163m / NEPAL

After a year had passed, I was once again on my way to attempt Everest, for the second time, this time it was even more difficult because a very strong earthquake caused many human losses. Many of my mountaineering brothers were forced to offer help for four days and three nights and show solidarity with the people affected, so I decided to cancel the expedition in May of 2015. My desire to continue with this project made me look for a way to ascend Manaslu this time and I returned with the Seven Summits company, together with the equipment team I met this challenge that became harder because of the work of equipping the route in Manaslu. I was exhausted down to my last efforts but I was able to reach the summit and wave the flag of our Peru.

CHO OYU 2016


8188m / NEPAL

When I was on the project to climb the fourteen highest mountains in the world I had no idea what the next mountain would be, but I was certain that something good was going to happen and it did. I managed to ascend Cho Oyu in the shortest possible time, 24 hours when this expedition lasts approximately four to five days. In this way, I broke a record that year despite the difficulties that stood in the way with the theft of a large and very important part of my equipment, including the suit with which I would reach the top. This mountain also became very special because on the way I met a Peruvian friend and mountaineer whom I appreciate very much. Flor Cuenca was attempting an eight thousand meter mountain for the first time and she also succeeded.



8848m / NEPAL

After completing the Cho Oyu in 24 hours, I felt very capable of carrying out this project and in 2017 I went for my third attempt to Everest with all the desire and courage, sponsored and financed by the LATAM company, I can say that it was an express expedition since it lasted only 21 days when the estimated time is 2 months. After arriving at base camp, the acclimatization process began and it was there that I met Ueli Steck, a friend I met in the city of Huaraz a few years ago and whom I greatly admired for his mountaineering skills but that year he had a fateful accident where he lost his life. The conditions of this expedition were also harsh due to extreme weather conditions, but I was able to reach the summit as the first Peruvian to carry out this expedition without supplemental oxygen and alone in 2017.



8516m / NEPAL

In 2018 it was my first attempt to climb the Lhotse mountain, but on the way my human side was put to the test, I gave up everything to help a Russian climber who descended from the same mountain after suffering a cerebral edema. I gave up my dream of reaching the top to stay in a rescue, this time deserting the mission to go to the top. It was not until May 15, 2022 that I had a reunion with Lhotse where I finally managed to be the first Peruvian to reach the top.



8485m / NEPAL

After climbing the Lothse Mountain, I undertook a new adventure at the top of Makalu but this feat would be a tribute to my style and dedicated to my friend and compatriot Richard Hidalgo because he died trying this mountain, which was one of the challenges that I had as a mountaineer. That year I managed to ascend two summits in less than two weeks. It was so that on May 28 I dedicated this achievement to my great friend Richard and I also had a few words for him. "Brother, the mission is accomplished, now we are going to finish the fourteen 8,000 together, this summit is for you and for all the inspiration you left us."



8.080m / PAKISTAN

Two days after summiting Gashembrum II, I was encouraged to continue climbing these incredible mountains in a range that I had never seen before, the grandeur of these mountains made me rethink my own existence, It was there where my commitment with Peru was more latent than ever and placing the Blanquiroja on the summit of the next mountain would be the great challenge, so the next summit was Gashembrum I, a mountain that left me many teachings and put me to the test once again but also made me believe in my mental strength since I achieved it in a short time.



8.034m / PAKISTAN

In June 2023 I left for Nepal, while waiting for the visa to be approved to go to the country of PAKISTAN, I was so excited to visit this country and climb its mountains in the Karakorum range, I had hoped for a long time to fulfill this dream and so I left with a group of which I felt part but at the same time I knew that everything I was doing was solo and without supplemental oxygen. After spending a few days at base camp and attempting the summit of Nanga Parbat but without success, I set off for Gashembrum 2 where, being more physically and mentally prepared, I was able to reach the summit and place the Peruvian flag.



8.051m / PAKISTAN

After returning to base camp with no rest days, I began the 28 miles hike to K2 base camp to attempt the Broad peak. On Tuesday, July 25, I was at the summit of Broad Peak waving the Peruvian flag, once again fulfilling my greatest commitment to Peru and giving this gift to millions of Peruvians just a few days before celebrating another year of our independence. I managed to climb three 8,000-meter peaks without the aid of supplemental oxygen in a record time for Latin America. It was 9 days from base camp, summits to base camp. I was grateful at all times to the sponsors, which in this opportunity was Nimsdai Purja and the Elite Exped team who gave me the necessary support to be able to achieve this project.


"Even when you no longer have  the strength you feel that your  body wants to reach the top"


Having cliimbed summits in different Latin American countries and nine summits of the fourteen 8,000 highest on the planet, have shown me the keys to bring a project to success. Likewise, being a high moutain guide on different expeditions with people from all over the world shaped me as a person and as a team leader. These conferences aim to inspire the new generations in the practice of mountaineering, while sharing the values intrinsic and obtained in it, in order to humanize this sport and direct it towards a new perspective that respects the mountain and all those who walk there. The conferences are aimed at all kinds of audiences, managers, executives, and workers from different organizations, and all those who wish to understand the powerful capacity of the human spirit towards a dream or a project.


In 2017, Víctor Rimac had the idea of doing something for the children of the region where he was born and that is how the VR Fundación became part of his life, a non-profit, non-governmental organization whose mission is to help improve the quality of life of the children in poverty in the communities of Ancash and there was no better idea than to do it through the sport of climbing and mountaineering. That is the greatest commitment that Victor, the founder of this NGO, has towards the city that saw him born and grow in this demanding and at the same time exciting sport.



The experience that Victor Rimac has, has led him to carry out many projects, one of them is to offer a quality service to people who love mountaineering. His logistical management and highly trained personnel are in charge of providing the best experience to those who wish to acquire a package and be part of these expeditions that take place in the most popular mountains of Peru, Argentina, and Nepal.

It is my dream to share my passion for the mountains